ArMax Drive ophthalmic lenses are designed to significantly improve night vision, reducing glare and reflections for safer, more comfortable night-time driving. Incorporating an elegant 35% yellowing filter to enhance contrast and combined with the latest ArMax Maxiivue lens technology, it guarantees incomparable night vision quality.



Photo Armor is the first ophthalmic lens in our collection to offer infinite tinting capability,
ensuring perfect adaptation to every
variation in light for optimum visual comfort.
The six tint options available are as follows:
Blue, Pink, Green, Grey, Brown, Violet.


MYOLock is an innovative ophthalmic lens designed specifically for children, to slow the progression of myopia. Thanks to its advanced technology, it offers an effective and comfortable solution to protect the vision of the very young.


Our masterpiece! ArMax Maxiivue is the most transparent ophthalmic lens in our range, offering unrivalled visual clarity. See the difference between a basic lens (left) and ArMax Maxiivue (right). Designed for an optimal visual experience, it ensures superior comfort and aesthetics.


The Smart Evolution lenses provide excellent vision at any distance. The lenses must be ordered with the frame shape to provide the ideal equipment for your customers.


Precision Advance lenses are very comfortable and offer extremely sharp vision. They are ordered with the frame shape to provide optimal comfort and optical performance.


Our Evolution series of lenses guarantee comfort at a fair price. It is one of our most popular progressive lenses.


The Neco lens is a quality progressive lens at a fair price. It provides optimal comfort in distance and near vision.


Office lenses are near/mid-distance lenses. They guarantee optimal comfort for near and intermediate vision.


With iRelax, wearers are now feeling less visual fatigue when reading or working with computers. You can relax your eyes during working and it is designed and calculated for reducing a visual fatigue.